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Lucas, one of the most successful automotive brands in history, was established in 1872 in Birmingham by Joseph Lucas. Lucas is world renowned as a supplier of premium quality and technically-excellent automotive products for both vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket. Over 125 years of engineering excellence coupled with spirit of innovation ensures their continued global success. Extensive range, technical durability, endurance, outstanding quality, growth and expansion are very much a part of what Lucas is and has always been.
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Lucas Electrical Malaysia

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Our Products

- Starters
- Alternators
- Fan Motors
- Distributors
- Ignition Coils
- Ignition Cables
- Glow Plugs & Spark Plugs
- Fuel Pumps
- Fuses, Relays & Flasher Units
- Sensors
- Auto & Halogen Bulbs
- Sealed & Semi-Sealed Beams
- LED Lamps & Beacons
- Horns
- Clock Springs
- Wiper Blades
- Gauges